24 November 2010

Day 2: Let There Be The Heavens

Photo Challenge # 2

Day 2: Let there be the Heavens.
“The God said, “Let there be the firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.”

-Capture the Heavens in a creative way—whether it be stormy clouds, clear blue sky or a rainy day--get creative! Remember: God controls the heavens, start praying!

If you are new to this photo challenge then click here to find out all the details, please read them and follow the rules. Here is some extra info.
Here are my pictures, one of them is an archive photo (as the skies/heavens here in the UK aren’t particularly beautiful at the moment!), but one of them is a new one.

I had to have a bit of fun with this one; I put a texture on it, so it kinda looks like a painting! But obviously you can see the heavens. By the way: I . am . obsessed . with . sun . flare . Really. Obsessed.

For those without blogs, here is the email address that you will need:
Please tell me if you have any problems with sending photos to this email address! For those of you emailing please attach the photos to email rather than sending them through picasa etc.

Also, if you have a blog and you are going to make a blog post, then make sure you link up in a comment!

PLEASE READ: You have from Wednesday (today) to next Tuesday (a day before the next photo challenge) to enter your pictures. That way it makes it easier for the time differences in different countries!


  1. I've just posted mine just one this time as it's my favourite one this week. I think this is going to get so much more challenging for me as each week goes by as it's quite hard to be creative at this time of year considering our weather lol

    About 3pm today the sky outside just looked like your first photograph. I love lens flares aswell and I deliberately shoot into the sun to try and get some interesting shots. Your scenes are lovely especially the one with the sheep grazing. By the time February comes I am missing the colour green.


  2. Nice ones.
    I'll enter your photo challenge if 1) you want me to, even though I'm not a girl, and 2) the prize is something a 7 or 9-year-old girl would like, so in case I win I can have a good Christmas present for one of my sisters.

    Well, I guess if it's something a teenage girl would like, I could give it to my cousin (I don't have a lot of money for gifts), so the second reason isn't as important.

  3. Hi Max,
    Sure you can enter the photo challenge! I'm sorry that I didn't make the prize more...er..gender-friendly! The prize can be adjusted for a girl of any age. So go ahead and I look forward to seeing your pictures! But do tell me, which camera will you be using? :-) God bless

  4. Having fun with this! Thanks for hosting! :)

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


  5. Oh, you answered; I didn't see your comment.

    That's OK; like I said, I'd like to get presents for my family, including my sisters.
    I'll be using my Canon EOS Rebel XS, unless I've sold it and bought another camera by tomorrow or whenever I enter, which is highly unlikely.

  6. Hiya Max,
    Haha, yup, sorry if I put my comment in the wrong place! The button will work if you replace the [ with < and the ] with >. Does that help?
    God bless

  7. Thanks; I'd tried a few things, such as removing spaces, but I eventually ended up just copying and pasting the button photo into my blog post, selecting it, clicking "Link", and entering your blog URL there, which is the long way to do it, but it worked.

  8. OK, I've finally finished my post:

    I have a prospective buyer for my DSLR, so
    I'm not sure what I'll do if I sell it and haven't been able to get an XSi or T1i yet.
    Well, I'll just have to wait and see.

  9. Finally got what I had aimed for.


  10. I have sent them to you, I hope you like them.

  11. I got mine up today:

  12. Thanks for linking my photo up for this theme - I was a little late posting it but I appreciate you throwing it in there!